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West End At South Brisbane

West End


Located in South Brisbane West End is the quirky local suburb. A fusion of cultures and a mixture of alternative and vintage West End offers an unconventional blend of foods, arts, and entertainment.

Food and Drink
West End has dozens of restaurants, cafe's and bars to explore, each with a different cultural twist. For a selection of West End's restaurants Catherine Blakes 'Foodiee's Guide' provides a comprehensive guide of what experience awaits you. With so many different options your'e always going to have a different experience when you go out to West End for food.


West End has many bars and an active nightlife. For a selection of West Ends bar selection MustDoBrisbane have created a list of the best, unique and quirky for patrons to explore.


West End's shopping selection are as quirky as the rest of the suburb. West End is home to many different shopfronts from Gift Shows which which sell knick-knacks to tarrot cards and crystals. Fashion storefronts in West End cater for varoius styles from Hip, Streetwear, second-hand designers and more available optoins.


Boundary Street Markets 

The Boundary Street Markest are held in the heart of West End. The markets is a massive all-weather farmers, artisan, food, and fashion market. Depending on the time the market will be dispalying international vintage fashion to local artisans presenting their unique creations. The Friday night markets have live music acts with bevereages served at the container bar. For more information about the Boundary Street Markets click here.

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