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7 Night-Time Rituals For a Rejuvenating Sleep

7 Night-Time Rituals For a Rejuvenating Sleep

Luxurious sleep is your ticket to greeting the world with joy.

Since its inception in 2008, World Sleep Day has served as a reminder of the importance of getting a restful night's sleep every night, with the day aiming to promote sleep health, change the way people view and experience sleep, and ultimately lessen the burden of sleep problems on society.

At Sofitel Brisbane Central, and all Sofitel's worldwide, there is a profound focus on ensuring guests enjoy a truly bespoke and rejuvenating stay. By prioritising innovation and personalisation, Sofitel is reshaping the entire sleep experience.

In the modern world, where real luxury is defined by good sleep and a sense of peace amid life’s chaos, Sofitel offers a haven. From cutting-edge bedding, meticulously selected pillows, and luxurious sleep accessories, every detail is crafted to elevate restfulness.

Are you ready to drift off into a blissful slumber? Begin with these night-time rituals this World Sleep Day.

Too hot, too cold? Your bedroom temperature needs to be 'just right'. This 'perfect' temperature is different for everyone, however research has shown 18-20 degrees celsius is the optimal range. Set and test the temperature on your in-room air-conditioner before turning in.

Sound is another key sense that can disrupt sleep. Particularly, aim to keep noise to a minimum and consider creating a curated playlist of soft music, helping create a calming, soothing environment.

It has become increasingly difficult to avoid screens, however unplugging is critical as the blue light emitted from electronic devices can keep your brain wired, suppressing your natural production of melatonin and thus making it difficult to switch off. Disconnect at least one hour before bed by instead picking up a good novel.

Unplug By Reading Instead
It can be difficult to fall asleep if your body is still digesting dinner, as a result, avoid late dinners and minimise high-fat or spicy foods. If you need an evening snack, opt for something light off our room service menu. Similarly, although alcohol can induce drowsiness, a nightcap can lower sleep quality, as can caffeine. Therefore it is best to avoid alcohol and limit your caffeine intake in the lead-up to bedtime, instead enjoy one of the Dilmah teas that are available in your room.

Creating a healthy sleep routine is critical to ease into sleep. Such rituals can include taking a warm bath, low-impact stretching, controlled breathing, mindfulness meditation, or perhaps an indulgent massage at Stephanies Spa on level 3. Our Rejuvenate the French Way package may be the perfect choice!

Even the smallest exposure of light can interfere with your rest. All guest rooms and suites feature blackout curtains to reduce unwanted light.

Block Out Unwanted Light With A Sleep Mask

Arguably the most crucial part of ensuring a good sleep is the bed itself. This includes a supportive mattress and pillow to avoid waking with aches and pains as well as linen which is comfortable to touch and maintains a comfortable temperature during the night. All guest rooms and suites feature Sofitel MyBed™, luxurious linens, and a wide range of natural and hypoallergenic pillows to select from.

Sofitel's bedding range can be purchased at

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