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A group of first nations men demonstrating a traditional fire lighting

Spirits of the Red Sand

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Nestled within the captivating Beenleigh Historical Village, Spirits of the Red Sand (currently not operating) offers a remarkable endeavor to encapsulate 60,000 years of Indigenous history, customs, and rituals, as well as the profound impact of European settlement. Recognized as the number one must-do Queensland experience by RACQ members, it strives to create an unforgettable visitor experience.

Whether you opt for a day or evening tour, Spirits of the Red Sand ensures availability with tours running 364 days a year. Through the power of storytelling, song, and dance, this immersive journey connects you with the ancient Dreamtime, allowing you to deeply engage with Indigenous culture.

When contemplating which tour to choose, a tantalizing question arises: Would you like to enhance your experience with a delectable meal? The evening show offers a three-course dinner infused with native flavors, expertly cooked over an open flame. This culinary addition elevates the already interactive experience to a fully immersive one, tantalizing not only your senses but also your taste buds.

Although Spirits of the Red Sand is not currently operating, when it returns, it promises to transport you through time and provide an extraordinary fusion of culture, history, and gastronomy.

205 Main Street 4207 Beenleigh Australia
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