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Australia Chinese Business Council


The Australia China Business Council is a membership-based, non-profit organization comprising a National Office and Branches throughout Australia, with more than 900 member companies. Founded in 1973, ACBC actively promotes two way trade and investment, economic cooperation and understanding, between the business communities of Australia and China.

Queensland has a rapidly growing and active ACBC branch with strong representation from both Australian and Chinese Businesses and government representatives. Business members come from a wide range of sectors including exporters, importers and investors. We focus on delivering programs and information for members on topics which are relevant to your business.

Being a member of ACBC provides opportunities for you to access leading firms active in the Australia China relationship. ACBC QLD holds regular high level networking events and seminars to provide our members with relevant information and opportunities to forge strong personal relationships with senior business people, government decision-makers, and senior practitioners across many fields in both Australia and China. ACBC also has close links with expatriate groups as well as with Chinese businesses and officials in China. We aim to connect our members with relevant networks and resources to support lasting commercial engagement. Our network provides a unique platform for business development, up-to-date information sharing and business opportunities.