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Fairy Tales


Embark on a captivating journey into the enchanting realm of fairy tales, exclusively in Brisbane. The mesmerizing 'Fairy Tales' exhibition delves into the enduring allure of these timeless narratives, exploring how they have captivated our imaginations for centuries through the lens of art and culture. Prepare to be entranced, delighted, and even disconcerted as visual storytellers transport you into a world of wonder.

This extraordinary exhibition weaves together a tapestry of artistic mediums, bringing together the talents of painters, sculptors, designers, filmmakers, and more. Through the use of painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, film, props, costumes, and fashion, 'Fairy Tales' showcases the profound impact of these stories on our collective consciousness. Immerse yourself in the iconic figures that have become synonymous with fairy tales – wicked witches, noble princes and princesses, and mystical creatures, both fearsome and friendly.

'Fairy Tales' delves into the rich tapestry of narrative themes found within these beloved tales. Explore the timeless stories of coming of age and the complexities of aging, the evolving roles of gender and otherness, tales of courage and justice, loyalty and humility, as well as the cunning and aspirations that drive us forward. As you traverse the exhibition, you will encounter familiar visual motifs such as enchanted woods and trees, magical mirrors and blood, extraordinary footwear and regal attire, majestic castles and carriages, and, of course, at least one humble pumpkin.


2 December 2023 - 28 April 2024
Queensland Arts Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA)

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